Mission Shakti

Mission Shakti

Violence against women is a problem across the World. It affects women of all races, ethnic groups, classes, and nationalities. It is a life-threatening problem for every woman and a serious problem for all socio-economic and educational classes. It cuts across cultural and religious barriers, impeding women’s right to participate fully in society, from domestic abuse to rape, child marriages, and female infanticide, all of them are violations of the most fundamental human rights.

Facing flak over a string of rape incidents in Uttar Pradesh, Chief Minister (UP) on October 17, 2020 launched ‘Mission Shakti’ campaign focusing on ensuring women’s safety and dignity, with a stern warning that perpetrators of crimes against females will be dealt with an iron hand. Under the initiative, it has been announced that all the police stations in the state will have a glass room for women complainants to file their grievances in front of female police personnel. The campaign will continue for the next six months till Basant Navratri.

In the second phase, ‘Operation Shakti’ will target eve-teasers and put them on the path of punishment or reform. As per the CM, if such elements do not mend their ways, they will have to face social-boycott and their pictures will be displayed publicly.  The initiatives like gender-based sensitization, training, corporate activity, voice messages, interviews, programs in Durga Puja, and other cultural pandals should be organized to create greater awareness under “Mission Shakti.

KARAM as a participant, supports this awareness campaign, which includes all women from different walks of life.

KARAM team gave a warm welcome to all government officials who arrived at our premises in Lucknow. Our Representative for the day – Ms. Hina Khan addressed the measures adopted in our working premises for Women’s Safety & Empowerment.

Since the company’s inception, KARAM has offered equal employment opportunities and fair treatment of all its employees. We are proud to have around 85 number of female members who make our team stronger every day.

We have a Policy against Sexual Harassment, Policy for suggestions and grievance addressing, and child labour prohibition to secure employee rights. By being a part of this Mission, KARAM wants to spread awareness about the various initiatives taken by the State Government for women’s welfare and safety.


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