Parental Leave Benefits by KARAM

Parental Leave Benefits by KARAM


Year 2016-17 gave a substantial reason to the employees of KARAM to smile and celebrate, when the Organization extended some generous Parental benefits to all its Executives. The leave policies introduced by KARAM have been much welcomed and appreciated by all, and are comprehensive and plentiful.

The woman workforce at KARAM constitutes more than 20 percent of its Executive strength, and they have stood to gain maximum by the new Maternity Leave Policy, which allows six months of paid leave to the expectant mothers.  This Policy reestablishes the employee friendly work culture in KARAM, adding greatly to the positivity in the environment.


KARAM has also introduced a unique benefit for the new mothers, in the form of a New Born Baby Leave, which is an additional one-day per month of paid leave granted to the female employee. This Leave can be availed by her for the next 6 months after completion of her Maternity Leave, and has been introduced by the Organization for the benefit of the mother and the new born baby.  This paid leave is to allow the mother to take her baby for regular vaccinations and ensure general well-being of the child.


Maternity expenses have also been covered under the medical insurance scheme which KARAM offers to all its Executives.

KARAM has also stepped ahead to introduce the Paternity Leave Policy as well. The Male Executives have been greatly benefited by this new Leave Policy introduced by the company. The paid leaves have been a source of great appreciation by many of the male Executives who have happily availed these leaves ever since the policy was floated.


KARAM values its employees as much as it values its Customers, and others who associate with it. It is the company’s endeavor to provide a fair work-life balance to all its employees. And, it is through such significant steps that the company takes, which makes KARAM a great place to work in.

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