Corporate Social Responsibility

We at KARAM feel responsible towards the society and also the surrounding environment that we live in. Our Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives range from giving away a portion of company’s proceeds to the charity to implementing “greener business operations”. 

 Environmental Efforts

Solar Power Plant

KARAM  initiated the installation of Solar panels on the roof of one of the Units in Lucknow, covering a vast span of the area over its roof top. The project is an ongoing one, with plans for further investments in this undertaking in the next 3 years.

Plantation Drive

 A Plantation drive was initiated pan KARAM  in the year 2016-17 by planting more than 200 trees. KARAM has also launched “Plant a Tree” campaign in its Lucknow Unit for all the customers who come to pay a visit there. 

Save Water Campaign

Efforts have been made to conserve water through initiating processes like recycling, monitoring and controlling water wastage all over KARAM offices. The focus in the next three years will be on effective Rainwater Harvesting processes to restore the ground water levels in all manufacturing units. 

Save Paper Campaign

Strong initiatives are taken to control the usage of paper, and also to recycle it wherever possible. At KARAM, we are aiming for significant reduction in paper usage involving most of the processes like differentiation of bins for different kind of waste. 

Philanthropic Efforts