GWO a non-profit organization of Wind Turbine owners and manufacturers which aims to strive for an injury free work environment in the wind turbine industry by setting common standards in safety trainings and emergency procedures.

GWO certificate holder is considered competent and knowledgeable on basic safety in the wind industry anywhere in the world.

GWO Module

KTC is certified training provider for GWO Basic Safety Training (BST) and Basic Safety Training Refresher (BSTR) in following modules:-


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5 Reasons to choose GWO’s certified training provider (CTP)

  • Provide GWO Training Certification which is valid globally
  • Delegate’s training records can be verified at any time through GWO database WINDA
  • Competent Trainers and approved SOP to ensure safety of delegates during training.
  • Annual audits to maintain training standards
  • Delegates will be able to handle risks assessment after training completion.