IRATA International is the world’s leading industrial rope access authority established in UK in 1988 as the Industrial Rope Access Trade Association (IRATA) with aim to promote and develop safe system for its member companies and trained rope access technicians.

IRATA associated companies approach their work with professionalism and a confidence in their ability to successfully complete a task. The certainty of industry expertise and adherence to a strict code of conduct has put IRATA members at the forefront of work at height and confined space projects globally.

5 Reasons to choose IRATA International approved member companies

  • Provide IRATA Training Certification which is valid globally.
  • Rope access work undertaken by IRATA International trained Level 3 rope access safety supervisors and Level 1 or Level 2 rope qualified rope access technicians.
  • Proper management system for equipment certification, traceability and inspection in accordance with code of practice.
  • Competent Trainers and approved SOP to ensure safety of delegates during training.
  • Annual audits to maintain training standards.


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