Working At Height & Manual Handling


Working At Height & Manual Handling

Item Code – GWO-BST-WAH&MH

  • Learner should > 18 years
  • Physically fit and able to participate in practical activities
  • WINDA Registration
  • Appropriate PPE-Safety Shoes, Gloves & Snug fitting clothes
Target Participants

This program is designed for Engineers and Technicians to provide them necessary knowledge and skills through theoratical & practical trainings. Which will allow them to work at height perform manual handling activities and rescue techniques and procedures in wind turbine industry


16 hours (2 Days)



4 Learners : 1 Facilitator

Trainer Level

Min Competency Level 2 (CL2) certified as per Internal GWO TTT

Training Methodology
  • Classroom and Practical training
  • Suitable training handouts shall be distributed to the learners


Learning Objectives
  • Understand Hazards & risks for working at heights in wind turbine generator.
  • Identify differences in national and global legislation for WAH
  • Principles and techniques of safe WAH
  • Correct usage of PPEs, standards and its inspection
  • Correct usage of self evacuation and rescue devices
  • Demonstrate how to approach rescue situations in wind turbine
  • Spinal and Shoulder anatomy and posture
  • Muscular skeletal injuries
  • Safe practices of Manual Handling
  • Consequences of incorrect manual handling
Planning Lifts
  • T.I.L.E Principles
  • Manual handling risk reduction techniques
  • Behavioural safety
  • Problem solving aprroach to wind turbine industry
  • Scenario-based training-practise, safe liftng techniques

Written & Practical assessment



GWO Working at Height certificate & Manual Handling certificate uploaded on WINDA


2 years