Work at Height & Rescue Level 1 Refresher


Work at Height & Rescue Level 1 Refresher

Item Code – TRAR-A-WAHR L-1-R

  • Learner should > 18 years
  • Physically fit and able to participate in practical activities
  • Appropriate PPE-Helmets, Harness, Safety Shoes, Gloves & Snug fitting clothes
  • Learner must hold a valid TRARAsia Certificate
Target Participants

This program is designed for Height and Rescue directed at the industrial on-site rescuers such as fire brigades, emergency response technicians and specialist on the use of rope tactics that are applicable to all fields of rescue. Wilderness, vehicle, and water rescue disciplines are not addressed in the course.


16 Hours (2 Days)


8 Learners : 2 Facilitator

Trainer Level

TRARAsia Certified Trainer

Training Methodology
  • Classroom and Practical training
  • Suitable training handouts shall be distributed to the learners
Learning Objectives
  • Tie knots, bends, and hitches
  • Construct a single & multi-point anchor system
  • Place edge protection
  • Ascend/ Descend in 3 different scenarios in high angle environment
  • Buddy Rescue descend mode
  • Escape a malfunctioned device
  • Construct a fixed rope system for climbing up & down
  • Construct a simple & compound pulley mechanical advantage system
  • Operate the simple & compound mechanical advantage system in a low-angle raising operation
  • Operate in the operation of a simple pulley mechanical advantage system in a high-angle raising operation
  • Function as a litter tender in a low-angle lowering or hauling operation
  • Rescue a victim from platforms & suspended positions by follow & not follow methods
  • Direct a lowering operation in a low-angle environment
  • Direct a lowering operation in a high-angle environment
  • Construct & operate a highline system
  • Operate a belay system during a lowering or raising operation in a high-angle environment
  • Small rope to rope transfer
  • Apply victim care by providing recovery position & manage airway after rescue

Formative, written & practical assessment


Attendance participation


1 year


Since It’s a mandatory requirement to ensure the validity of TRARAsia certificate issued earlier