Tree Plantation Drive by KARAM

Tree Plantation Drive by KARAM

At KARAM, we understand the importance of giving back to society and playing our part in making this world a better place. Earlier this week, KARAM’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Initiative, KOSHISH, took the first of many steps towards a greener and more sustainable tomorrow. In association with UPSIDC and Pollution Control Board (PCB), KARAM organized a tree plantation drive where we successfully planted over 3000 trees in the Green Belt area of the UPSIDC.


The importance of tree plantation must not be overlooked, as trees are associated with our basic needs of food and fresh air, in addition to the many processes that are naturally and synchronously carried out in our interrelated ecosystem. Trees are responsible for maintaining biodiversity, conserving water, preserving the soil, cleansing the air, controlling the climate, and providing shelter and nesting for the fauna of the region in which they are planted.


Nowadays, with an exponential increase in pollution rates and relentless deforestation due to human activities, tree plantation has become more critical than ever. We must endeavor to do our best individually and collectively to ensure that we nurture our environment and contribute towards keeping the planet healthy, especially since a small effort from our side would go a long way towards a more sustainable future.


One of the most severe issues of the present day is the severe devaluation of trees. Therefore, it is pivotal to spread awareness about the relevance of tree plantation, and the dire consequences that would follow if attention was not paid to the present shortcomings, in order to work our way towards a greener and better world effectively. One can start contributing at an individual level. Additionally, we ought to stop the inconsiderate cutting of trees and remember that if there will be no trees, there will be no life.


Trees play an integral role in our lives, one which cannot be substituted. As human beings, we need to accept that we are in no way above nature. It is our primal duty to conserve, cherish, and respect it. We need to become more aware of our role and motivate others to do their part. Planting trees is an everlasting yet straightforward step. It would create a better place for our present as well as future generations.


Today, when the world is fighting a cosmic battle, we realize that our actions would be met with an inevitable reaction from our environment. We need to take on our roles and fulfil our responsibilities towards the coming generations, ensuring a secure and sustainable world. To win, we must fight alongside nature and protect it just as we have been nurtured. Our KOSHISH towards this initiative will only keep growing now onwards.


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